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Adult Congenital Heart Disease and Cardiac Disease in Pregnancy

DATE: September 23-24, 2017
LOCATION: Massachusetts General Hospital Simches Research Center
REGISTRATION FEE: Full tuition: $295; Residents and Fellows $50; Other Health Care Professionals: $200

The population of adults with congenital heart disease continues to grow as these individuals seek care throughout the United States by a variety of cardiac care providers. At the same time, both congenital and acquired cardiovascular diseases are now impacting women's heart health, especially during pregnancy and delivery.
This two-day course is dedicated to educating front line caregivers on up-to-date diagnosis and management of ACHD, with a second day dedicated to cardiovascular disease and pregnancy.


Learning Objectives:
Day 1: Adult Congenital Heart Disease

  • Recognize congenital heart disease in the adult using targeted basic and advanced imaging to assess disease course and indications for intervention
  • Optimally prescribe drug therapies to improve quality of life, decrease morbidity and increase longevity
  • Detect, treat and monitor pulmonary hypertension at an early stage in the ACHD population
  • Identify ACHD patients who may require initial or repeat transcatheter intervention
  • Synthesize clinical data and risk prediction algorithms to ideally assess individuals for complex transcatheter and surgical procedures
  • Formulate a plan for heart failure patients to optimize medical management and timely mechanical support prior to heart, heart/lung or heart/liver transplant

Day 2: Cardiac Disease and Pregnancy

  • Identify normal hemodynamics of pregnancy and impact on maternal and fetal outcomes among women with underlying cardiac disease
  • Counsel pregnant women with cardiovascular disease or those contemplating pregnancy, on maternal and fetal risks, and guide pre-, intra- and postpartum evaluation and management
  • Evaluate the cardiovascular risk of preeclampsia and hypertensive disorders in pregnancy
  • Manage women with valvular disease, cardiomyopathy, coronary disease and those needing anticoagulation in pregnancy
Later Event: October 21
NECCA Annual Meeting